Oct 24, 2016
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The journey Episode 2 by Boluwatife

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*Episode 2*

A taxi pulled in front of larinde.
‘Great man of valour’ the driver saluted and  larinde replied with a smile,he entered into the back sit and sat comfortably.
‘Sir am so grateful for your efforts, you know my family pray for the army everyday,especially my little girl’
‘You don’t have to thank me,I didn’t do it alone,let just give God all the glory’
‘You are right sir,I am in your debt’
‘Debt? you are a funny man’
‘But why are you going home only, what of your family or are you still single? I have a cute sister’ he smiles
‘Am married but my wife is home preparing a special welcome party for me’
‘Whaoo she must be so sweet’
‘She is,thanks but I want to get some things for my family or what do you think?
‘It ok,they will really appreciate it,I will be waiting right here for you’
‘Thanks’he smile as he alight from the taxi.
‘I should get some boys toy or the both if it is a girl  or a set of twins’he smiled secretly.
‘I should also get a nice dress for Stella and a perfume she really like it,I hope I can remember the exact one’ he rack his brain as he move into the departmental store,he was welcomed and showed love by everyone, some took pictures with him and paid for the stuffs he purchased even though he refuse vehemently. After few minutes he came out and was surprised that the taxi driver was still waiting. Doing less of talking the driver got to the front of larinde’s apartment. He was surprised everywhere was calm,the house hasn’t really changed,things where still in order has he left them,he expect it  be destroyed by the children,the garden was clean no litters at all.
‘Is Stella hard on my children,may be she just take extra time in cleaning because the children mess up things easily’ he thought.
He turned the knob,the door was opened,he was surprised the house was as silent as a grave yard and was tidy.
‘Are my kids sleeping? Where is Stella?he asked himself.
His presence alerted his dog lucky,it ran towards him barking loudly and rubbing itself at his feet.He wasn’t expecting a dog,he was expecting his kid to run towards him,he could not even perceive the aroma from cooking.
‘What is going on?he asked no one still in shock.
The barking from lucky attracted Stella as she rushed downstairs remembering she didn’t lock the door wearing a night gown,she thought an intruder was in,as she get down the stairs she became freeze because larinde was standing in front of her she thought he will never come back.He smiles but could see it all over her that all is not well.
‘Where is my child?
‘Child?there is no one,it died a long time ago,yes it died you left me all alone,it never came forth because I aborted it’
‘You did what,tell me you are joking’
‘What was the assurance that you will ever come back, I can’t raise a child with no father’
Larinde begin to shiver,he felt like waking up for a horrible dream, still confused he watch her stand as a man walk down the stairs,he was attracted by the noise.


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