Oct 30, 2016
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The Journey Episode 3 by Boluwatife

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Episode 3

‘What is going on? The young man asked,he was smaller in stature compare to larinde.
‘I don’t know what He wants but He is the man of this house’
‘You mean,he is the landlord, do you owe him?surprising your landlord is a soldier’
‘Stella what is the meaning of all these,tell me it not want am thinking’ larinde barks at her.
‘I understand you,you want me to leave your house I will,john please excuse us’ john obey like a faithful dog leaving the shattered unknown couples to themselves.
‘You are cheating on me isn’t? Why did you have to do this,I had so much Faith in you,you make me feel like dying’
‘If that is the case I don’t mind,you were dead to me long ago,do you know how I felt for 4 years?
‘What are you saying,you knew the job I was doing quite well before you married me,stop talking like you are naive’
‘It over and so painful that you showed up when I was planning to start a new life, I am done with you,I don’t know if you were sent to ruin me’
Larinde was short of words,why will his home break up,he moved out of the house like a coward whose dream has been shattered.
Outside the compound he stopped a taxi driver without telling him his destination he ordered him to drive to nowhere.
‘Oga you fought bravely for our country, great is your name’he hailed but larinde pay no attention to him.
‘Sir hope all is well? He asked turning to the back seat before he turns forward, the cab had almost collide with an upcoming trailer though the trailer driver try to avoid the cab but it was like an impossible task seeing death before him the driver try to avoid collision but there was a great shout from him and larinde,immediately everything went calm and silent expect the whistling  fire and silently cracking metals.

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