Nov 3, 2016
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‘The Journey’ Episode 5 by Boluwatife

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Episode five

She picked up her phone to make a call, but she was still confused if what she is doing is right.
‘Anyway I don’t have any other option’ she stopped the driver,alighted and pay him while she walk down the street,dialing someone’s number the recipient picked up the phone.
‘Hello john it me’
‘Of course I know it you’
‘Surprise! am at you gate,I mean almost’
‘What! are you kidding me’
‘Come on,check me out’
‘Gosh you didn’t inform me earlier’
‘Is there a problem,am I not welcomed?
‘Why will you say that? you are welcomed anytime dear,is just that I should have make a special…
‘I got it,am ok with anything’ she smiles
‘I will get back to you’ he ended the call as he looks at his colleague with shock written over him.
‘How come?
‘Don’t blame because I am not aware she will come over’
‘but you gave her the address isn’t it?
‘Yes it wasn’t intentional, she pestered me’
‘Don’t tell me you fell in love with her’
‘No not at all,I cannot do that’
‘You liar’ he punched him in the face,his face became red and he began to bleed,suddenly a gun was raised at him.
‘So you want to betray me isn’t it?
‘No master I can’t,please trust me,give me one more chance,I have served you for years’ he pleaded at his feet.
‘And so,that doesn’t mean you can’t betray me,you are crazy I can’t believe you can easily fall for her,what if she is trying to trap us,what if she had reconciled with her husband and he knows about our plans’
‘No Master, that is not true,spare me’
‘you know how I want to have my revenge, I lost thousand men to larinde, he destroyed my means of  living, I lost my mother,my wife,my family, I will not spare you if anything goes wrong’
‘Master have faith in me,I will not fail you’ he kicked him off as john scream in pain.

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