Nov 4, 2016
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The Journey Episode 6 by Boluwatife

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*lThe Journey

Episode six

After a long wait,john came out of the mansion to accompany her in.
“This house is really big”
‘Yea,am sorry for keeping you waiting anyway’
‘No problem dear,I understand’ she replied with a smile.
‘But what happened to your face,it looks pale like….
‘It nothing,I was sleeping when you called’
‘Hmmm…anyway… Ok,do you stay here all alone?
‘Yes,but my brother is around presently, why did you ask?
‘Ok just a minute’ he went back to meet the gateman and whisper something to him,Stella tried to read his lips but she was unable to so she gave up, he walked back to her as they walk hand in hand into the mansion.
Stella was shocked seeing someone pointing a gun at her.
‘But john what have I done?why is your brother pointing a gun at me’ she raises her hands up as she yells at him.
‘My brother?
‘Yeah, you said your brother is staying with you presently’
‘Woman you talk too much,can’t you just keep quite,do you think am joking? A tall man  dressed in black shouts back at her.
‘I can see that you are not’ she  reply with fear and turns back to john
‘But what have I done to deserve this,in what way have I wronged you, what do you want from me?she rush towards him and grab him by the neck holding unto it tightly as he struggles for air.
‘Enough of your drama actress,let go of him or I scatter your head with this’ he threatened.
‘Let me see what you can do,as I strangle him to death,drop your gun and push it to me’ she threatened back,john struggles the more for breath.
‘Whaoo,am really amazed, you really have boldness embedded in you,you are the true wife of larinde’ she was shocked, it was as if she had not heard the name for ages,she unconsciously released John from her grip and he was able to hold her down before she could realised what happened.
‘What do you want from me?how do you know my husband?
‘I thought he isn’t your husband anymore,now you are claiming him’
‘How do you know all these,john don’t tell me you are a spy,you lied to me,you deceived me,you knew my husband but you pretended as if you don’t, how could you?
‘Enough of all these,it too late but you know the truth,there is nothing else to hide from you, we need you as a bait to get larinde’
‘You said he isn’t my husband anymore so why did you need me?
‘You walked into the Lion’s den yourself’
‘That is not an answer, he will not come,never because I don’t think he loves me anymore, we broke up’
‘Am not here to listen to your emotional stories,the earlier he comes the closer you are to your freedom, the later he comes the closer you are to your grave,because no one will fed you and you will certainly die of hunger and heart break’
‘John,take her to the dark room, I hope you are not in love with her’
‘No at all boss’
‘If you do it is death,no one betrays me and live’

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