Nov 21, 2016
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THE JOURNEY Episode eleven

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Episode eleven

Stella avoided larinde for a week thinking it will change his decisions,the duo lived like strangers for the first time in their marriage.
She couldn’t bear it any longer but plead each day,he got annoyed each time because she was not viewing things the way he was. After so much persuasion from both sides and failure,they became tired of their childish behavior.
‘Stella try to understand me,I can’t do anything about this you just have to bear with me’
‘Larinde I am pregnant’ she almost in tears.
‘I know I think you wouldn’t tell me’
‘I wanted to surprise you but all these happening destroyed it’ he moved closer to her and hugged her.
‘Don’t worry I will make it up to you,but am really sad’
‘About what’
‘So many things,I will not see my baby at birth, I will not  be able to teach him how to walk,there will be no one to call daddy’ his voice was cracking as he speaks.
‘I don’t have a choice,I just have to go on these *journey* sweetheart,am sure I will come back because anyone that goes on a journey comes back home’
‘I pray so’ she replied as she stands up from him leaving him to himself.
Early on Monday after receiving a call,larinde picked up his luggage,he call out for Stella,she quickly rush out to  him with a hug.
‘I Will miss you dear’
‘I know,I just need you to trust in me and be patient,I will surely come back’
‘Yes I know’ she said in tears, he glanced at his wristwatch.
‘I have to go Stella’ she was holding tight unto him and will not let go.
‘I have to go,please keep my baby safe’
‘I will’
‘Trust me i will surely come back for you and our baby’ he kissed her and walk way as she break down in tears.
Suddenly Stella regain consciousness realising she was still tied up by john and his boss.
‘Was I dreaming? She asked herself repeatedly as she burst in tears.
‘What is wrong with me? he said he will come back and he did but I wasn’t patience enough, am sorry larinde am so sorry’

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