Nov 15, 2016
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The Journey:::::Episode 10.. By:Boluwatife

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Episode 10

It was four in the afternoon, the weather was warm and cool, Stella walk to and fro the breadth of her room,she was obviously expecting something.
‘It has been two days now’ she said to herself.

       Suddenly her phone rang,she anxiously unplugged it and picked the call.
‘Hello is this Stella’
‘Yeah who is speaking’
‘It larinde,am sorry for not calling since,hope you are good’
‘Yes am OK,just as you left me’
‘What are you talking about?
Never mind’
‘I am close to spring field, I hope you don’t mind coming over,we should spend some quality time together,what do you think?
‘Are you asking me out for a date?
‘Am ok with anything you think’
‘Hmmm call me back in an hour’
‘Am not coming over just board a taxi,I will pay’
‘I will be expecting you’ he ends the call,she dropped her phone on the bed as she touch her chest.
‘Goodness I thought he will never call’           She quickly rush to her wardrobe,in twenty minutes she was fully dressed. She pick up her purse as she walk away closing the door behind her,she was about to walk out when her mother call her back.
‘Young woman,where to?you are going on a date with that soldier guy isn’t it? you will never listen,aren’t you supposed to be searching for a job?
‘Mum relax I know what am doing for crying out loud’
‘You don’t,if you do you will not be dressed up to go and meet a man’
‘Mum I am old enough to make my own decisions now,I know what I want’
‘This is what I was telling my mother then,I never knew your useless father was deceiving me,he left me when you clock one and you think I will watch the same thing happen to you, no I knew all I went through raising you’ she scream almost in tears
‘Mum enough of all these stories,how many times have I told you that because it happened to you doesn’t mean it will happen to me,I know what am doing’
‘Thank you so much,I will keep my stories’
‘Mum is not that,I don’t think he is that kind of person, my spirit tells me he is a good man,I feel safe with him, I forget all my worries…….
‘Because he saved you doesn’t mean he is a good man’
‘Mum I know,this feeling is just so different,am so sorry mum I know what is best for me’
‘You have grown wings, all these while you never knew what was best for you,I chose it all,fine just know that you will face the consequences alone, you don’t have a mother’ Stella walk away with a sad countenance.
However,she didn’t not allow her mother to destroy the joy bubbling in her heart
After six months,Stella got a new job with a good pay,she got married to larinde two months later after a lot of persuasion for acceptance from her mother.
Stella was happily married,she spent a lot of time with her husband going on trips to different places just for fun,she had always wish for such marriage,she never wish to experience the ugly side of it. One afternoon after arriving from one of the numerous trips larinde called her out to the garden for a discussion. She walk towards him with a tray containing a bottle of juice,two cups and a packet biscuit,she placed it in between them and sits down.
‘Stella I am sure that you are aware of the rate of terrorism in the country,you are also aware that the county have to fight back’
‘Why are you telling me this’
‘Am a soldier…..
‘And so?
‘It my duty to fight for my country’
‘What duty are you talking about? She asked aggressively.
‘You know what am talking about, I have to fight,as in go to the battle field’
‘You didn’t tell me this’
‘You didn’t ask me either’
‘But I thought you work in the office’
‘I will if am considered for promotion and that is after this war and I will never go to the war front again’
‘That is not possible,you can’t leave me,I can’t stay all alone’
‘Stella am sorry but I have to go’
‘It not possible,larinde don’t you get it,I can’t do without you’ she broke down in tears.
‘I know but I have to,for the country’s sake’
‘So you are choosing your country over me isn’t it’ she hit him severally as he held her by the hands holding her close to his heart.
‘how dare you say you want to leave me, please don’t leave larinde’
‘Am not leaving you,am coming back trust me’
‘No it not possible if anyone go to war is either they come back disabled or they don’t come at all’
‘That is not true,I  promise you I will come back as a complete being’
‘No I don’t want you to ever leave me’ she sob as she free herself from his grip walking away,an envelope fell from her to the ground,he picks it up.
‘It’s from the doctor’ he quickly open it and read through.
‘Unbelievable she is a week pregnant’ he was amazed.

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