Nov 14, 2016
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The Journey::::Episode 9 By Boluwatife

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Episode nine

Stella walk into the dining room well dressed and clean,she was surprised that the table was set,she took a glimpse around for her Angel but she could not find him. A young lady walk towards her unaware,she was frightened.
‘Am sorry about that’
‘No problem’ she replied with a smile.
‘You can have your breakfast now’
‘Oh thank you so much,but where is the young man that brought me here?
‘He is not around presently, but he will soon be back’
‘Hmmm ‘
‘Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything’
‘Alright,thank you’
the young lady walk away as Stella settle down to have her breakfast.
Few minutes after her  breakfast she decided to go back to the room and prepare to leave,the door suddenly open behind her, she turn around behold it was her saviour.
‘You are back,I was waiting for you since,I thought you wouldn’t come on time’
‘You are looking beautiful’ he appreciated her neglecting what she was saying. She was shocked and only replied with a smile.
‘No wonder you were able to beat those guys you are a soldier anyway,I will like to leave for my place’
‘Whaoo so quick,you can stay as long as you want’
‘No,  I don’t want to be a burden to anyone….
‘I didn’t say you are a burden…..
‘Moreover I miss my mum a lot I can’t wait to see her’
He smiles ‘You won,I will take you home’
‘Thank you so much,am really grateful I will be right back’ she walk away into the room and returned later  with her bags,he helped her with her bags as they both walk out of the house to the car.
‘Hold on I don’t even know your name’ she said humorously
‘Yeah that is true,am larinde’
‘Whaoo am stella,it nice meeting you’ she shakes him as she smiles,he also smile back as they both enter the car.
‘Where do you stay? He ask as he drove out of the compound.
’25 Pathfinder way,you should Know the place,you are a soldier’
‘I do,but not because am a soldier’
‘What do you Stella?
‘I am a student, I just rounded up my program yesterday’
‘So what do you study?
‘That my course,but my father wanted me to become a soldier so I went to an army school’
‘That awkward, you became a soldier just because your father want you to be’
‘Yeah,I can never disobey my father, I always go back to him’
‘You are daddy’s boy’ she laughs out.
‘You can say that again’ suddenly the car stop,Stella was surprised that she was at the front of her house.
‘This is unbelievable, how come’
‘I was using GPS’
‘I forgot, you are a soldier, thank you so much’ her face suddenly turn pale
‘What happened?
‘Nothing, it just that it been long,I enjoyed myself like I did,it really a great time talking to you’
‘Whaoo I am hearing that for the first time, can you drop your number? we could go on a date’
‘Sure,I Will’ she smile as she write down her number and drop it,he help her with her luggage,she hugged him sides way with a smile waving as he drove off.
She turn back as she saw her mother standing by the gate.
‘Who is that man?
‘Mum he is a friend, he helped me,mum you know….
‘Enough Stella I don’t care if he is a friend or he helped you,I don’t want to see you with that man,what are you doing with a soldier,he will get killed one day on the Battle front’
‘Mum you are going too far,it is not what you think’
‘Whatever it is I don’t care’ she freak out as she walk away into the house.

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