Dec 20, 2016
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THE TRUTH ABOUT VIRGINITY (Campus guys and babes)

Having considered the supportive side and the opposing side, I have no optimistic look or pessimistic view to this cogent matter being discussed widely these days, but I must say I have my reckonings.

Being a virgin or not should not be a stigma, a burden, show-off, a measure for moral/mental ability, nor should it be a mandatory responsibility for either gender

Most believe it is the female responsibility to remain “untouched” till they are married while at the same time they believe the male child should be given freewill to test or enjoy his manliness. May I ask with who? Definitely, with the same female they forbid being “touched”.
Most times, we tend to have myopic and selfish take at this sensitive topic being discussed, this is not supposed to be so. We are supposed to make our research and also take our time to study our environment sensitively.
I’ve listened to guys and ladies(mostly guys) say one or two things about this topic and  I’ve taken my time to think deeply about this issue.
Now, this is my assertion. Most ladies who involve themselves in  s*x, esp, campus babes who do it do not do it for profit sake, they do it to “feel alright”. This category of babes don’t stop on a guy or two, this is because they’re never satisfied, they do it with as many guys as possible.
The second category are those who do it with their boyfriends. These babes might not really want to be involved in this act but because they’re pressurized and they do not want to loose their boyfriends, they end up doing the “iish” with them. Most ladies in this category end up doing it with like three, four or five guys before they graduate, this is because they end up breaking up with one boyfriend and hooking with another and on and on it counts.
The third category are the “mistake” ones. These category of ladies do not really want to be involved in the “iish” but due to one issue or the other (possibly sugarcoated-mouth guys, or moment of fear or sadness), they got themselves involved in it. This category normally feels “dirty” and they swear not to go into it again. After that once, some stay clear of the “iish” completely. This category is very difficult to find because after the first time, they find it difficult to stay off the “iish” again and most times, this category ends up in category one.
The last category are the “under must virgins”. These babes are virgins not because the opportunity never arise nor because they are unexposed but because they are determined that come rain, come sun, come heat, come cold, they will remain who they are till they get married. This category do go through a lot of pressures both from guys and peer groups, but their insistence is worth awarding. Most times, the under must decision is made due to the vow they made to their parents, love ones or themselves. While some ladies still keep theirs because their partners want it so, some keep theirs because of their names or fame. The other side of this category is that most ladies involved, has in one time or the other had intence romance before.
Having categorized the groups of ladies we have on campus, I will divert my attention to the guys.
Guys on campus can be very funny in their approach to virginity. What I mean by this is most guys expect ladies to keep off the “iish”, while at the same time, they’re the ones who persuade or pressurise most ladies when they’re in need of it. Now, i’m not allotting blames, it’s simply how they approach the issue.
Well, the first category of guys I will state are the ones who do the “iish” with several ladies. Unlike the ladies, most guys in this category do it for profit sake. Some ladies pay them so that they can make themselves “feel alright”. These guys also do it with some ladies for fun sake. This category can also be referred to as the “play boys”, they can go any length in getting a lady unzip their trousers.
The second category are the ones that only have the “iish” with their girlfriends. This category are the faithful ones, although they can go any length in getting their ladies into bed, they do not do it asides that. Most end up breaking up with one, hooking with another and doing it with the next, but some stay off after their first breakup.
The third category are the ones who have done it before but afterwards determined not to do it again, some just don’t have the time. The guys that fall in this category are truly not “virgins”, they’ve done it before, mostly before they came on campus but since they’ve been on campus they don’t just have the time/opportunity, and some just have the determination not to go into it again.
The fourth category are the “holy brothers” category. Guys in this category have never done it before though most of them have seen the shadow before, in fact, some have seen the appearance before, they just decided not to get hold of it. Most guys that fall into this category are mostly guys that are not in any romantic relationship. They find it pretty easy to stay off. Some are the ones that truly love their girlfriends and so decided to marry them, thus, do no want  to do the “iish” with them until their wedding night. Some also decided to stay off the “iish” because of their vow to parents, love ones or themselves, while some are actually off it not because of any determination but because of the post they hold in School Politics, Fellowships, names or fame( Personality).

Having critically analyzed the categories of students we have on campus when it comes to this particular issue being discussed, I am highly convinced every student on Campus falls into one or the other of the categories stated above.

Now, I am not a feminist or any of such,but i’m a realist and a critical one. So therefore, I want to make this clear, *that all the ladies you’ve known are deflowered does not mean that all ladies are without flower*.
Many people jump to conclusion easily that this world have spoilt beyond renovation, thus, there is no virgin again, either male or female. This is a very wrong opinion and in fact, it is a very myopic one which lacks deep thinking, observation and sensitization.
I want to make it clear that *those who f°°k, f%%k!, and those  who don’t, don’t*!. Those who mess themselves up do that, but do not jump to conclusion that 100% of men living in a city are definitely blind men if 60% of them are blind.
Finally, let’s be informed that virginity is not morality, take it or leave it! I do not support moral decadence and in fact, being a virgin does not define moral uprightness.
Virginity( speaking on a plain ground out of religious or custom values) is just a thing of the mind. Set your mind on it and it will be possible. Believe it’s not and it won’t be possible.
Health-wise, abstinence is the best(singles or engaged). If married, faithfulness to your wife or husband is the best.

My advice to campus guys and ladies
 Guys, be exactly what you want your lady to be.
Ladies, be the proud lady,  the one that walks with a high shoulder no guy can use his finger to bring down.

With  this piece of advice I bring THE TRUTH ABOUT VIRGINITY (Campus guys and babes) to conclusion.

Thanks for reading through, trust you’ve been entertained and enlightened.
#I wish you all more lovely memories duringyourbrief time on campus.


             MISS LOVE☆♡♡☆
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