Sep 13, 2016
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what else can be friendship-HighJustice

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else can be friendship?
Upon a
golden time,
In a
silver moment,
exist a relationship,
oneness is like that of sheep,
flocks together everytime,
when they travel in ship.
decision is as fast as that of military man,
seems to be there priority,
away each others tears like,
wipping away all water remains,
Travel in distance in time or challenges,
They are nothing but a true friend .
They walk up along the valley,
Run even together where there is mountain,
There onesness trends to the river of no end,
There friendship flourish like a pasture,
Planted beside the slow flowing rushing stream.
I see success in their oneness,
They dwell under a sunny hour,
Rather than a showering tent,
Smile in sorrow to heal not to hurt,
Between them there exist a true friendship,
That exist beyong what human can comprehend,
Not even on earth even on spaceship.
Friend indeed are friend in need,
Always when they are on the right cause,
They study the cause but neglect every curse,
Not for all but a friend,
I know of a friend that will never end.
They think all this qualities,
Does not make a true frienship,
Help me ask them,
Subtly if you see them,
What else can be friendship?

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