Jun 26, 2017
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What If Religion Is An Illusion – Adekanmi Praise

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To the gods of thunder we beckon to fight for us,
God of thunder show off it wrath from a cloudy atmosphere,
To the ones that hit their creator on ground,
I feel for those one too,
That shouted hallelu?
That never wander if God always say yah.

Religion, a state of mind,
That we ascribe controler of wind,
Religion a fetish tale,
That we held grip to our heart like it a nature.

The logical thinking,
Which seems to be our traditional,
Was murdered by religion emotionally,
Free from sin but flee into bondage,
Yet we seems forgiven like we are been given to the enemies.

Religion, a pill to quench our suffering for a while,
Religion, a way of taming us from shedding blood,
Religion, a pill that keep us suffering in silence,
Religion, a friend that always tell pain is destined in time of trouble.


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