Feb 1, 2017
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The hart panteth after the water brooks
So does the world dance inside written books;
The world is a rapture; few are caught up
The few are rumpled leaves; winter’s hold-up.

Then I heard -a ringing guitar- I see,
A gentle ding dong’s splash, troubles the sea
A weird war for peace; a calm peace to war
All dusts ‘gainst dust; All for one, one for all.

Life itself is grim; ocean’s depth and width
Life is like a war that peace fought forthwith
But war warred with peace and piece the peace piece’.
War is like life; like a wild fire for peace.

Peace is as peace of a piece; peace I see
War is a wild fire, spreads like a drunk sea
Peace speaks on peace in a time of no peace
Where war peace in a country torn to piece’.

Then I heard, -a ringing guitar- I see,
I see the ring of peace that splash a sea
As sound of a tomb; silent of the night:
So is the peace that reigned when peace won right.

But some fade as ashes in a sky light,
For peace to reign; many must fall a fight
For friends to friend; foes must fall and give up
For few friends to live, many must give up.

“words from the innocent mind”
            Philip Peace

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