Mar 8, 2017
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When The Silent Space Echoes With Rhythm By Akinwale Peace

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When the last breath of dawn breathes its first breath
When the first breath of dawn breathes its last breath
When the blinks of twilight fades its shadow
When the still waving sea dances and flow.
When the street light blink in glittering radiance
When the torch men flash their touch of a glance
When the day shimmer and sun shade the sky
When the fleeting winds fight the vale and high.
When the eyes are dim and shadows were deemed
When door slams and clocks tickle as it seemed
When the crows fly into ruined fad’ng factories,
where the wood rots crackling ‘neath the sun wills.
When I shut my eye to open darkness
You made me as dead as-a doorknob; starless
When the sea surges with laughter and it flows
When the breezes calmly and gently blows

When reality struck the dream, you’re there
When I shut my eye, blooms appear a- fade glare
When the silent space echoes with rhythm
You’re all I seek; sleep; the guardian ofmy dream.
“words from the innocent mind”
            Philip Peace
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